Way of the Dragon: The Chinoiserie Style, 1710–1830



Way of the Dragon: The Chinoiserie Style, 1710–1830 is an exhibition about European imitations of Chinese ceramics during the 18th century. Today these European-made interpretations are known as "chinoiserie," which roughly translates to "in the Chinese style."

The exhibition was organized by the Chipstone Foundation and presented at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

One of the primary attributes of Chinese ceramics is their translucency. If you were to hold up a plate to the light you could actually see the glow of the light through the ceramic material. The original idea was to print the cover of the brochure on a milky-white translucent paper, but then I thought, why not print the whole brochure that way?

This "layered" effect really created an intriguing experience for the reader and was a joy to design. The Chinoiserie style allowed consumers to escape into a land of mystery and beauty and the brochure attempted to provide the same experience.