StudioSaal Corporation was founded by Dan Saal to provide graphic design and communication services to individuals and organizations who want their messages heard and experienced.

Dan is a visual problem solver. He strives to clarify the world through thoughtful design in order to engage, challenge, and inspire. He’s not interested in just making things look pretty. If you have something important to say, Dan will help communicate it in an exceptional way. Not formulaic or expected—but uniquely memorable.

Dan worked at the Milwaukee Art Museum and was the Director of Design and Publications for three years. While there, he art directed the design department staff and oversaw the brand of the Museum across all visual communications including print collateral, publications, environmental graphics, advertising, and web.

Dan loves books—but more importantly, he loves designing them. His publications have been awarded multiple national design awards and he is widely sought after for his unique approach to bringing content to life whether it be for a publication, exhibition, or interactive experience.

StudioSaal is currently located in Oakland, California.